Posting this here in hopes it could help someone else. How common is it? These devices are often referred to as 3D motion controllers , 3D navigation devices, 6DOF devices six degrees of freedom or a 3D mouse. I can click the second monitor and the Mouse LED displays a different app. Good friend of mine had this issue.

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Hi Marc, I have a 3dConnexion Spacemouse Enterprise and would find it very handy if you assist in putting your settings in the correct place or even better an upgrade to your settings file. I’ve made sure the add in is running.

d3connexion After reboot display and menus looked fine and the 3D movement worked fine – except in SW it worked in e-drawings etc. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Commonly utilized in CAD applications, 3D modelinganimation3D visualization and product visualizationusers can manipulate the controller’s pressure-sensitive handle historically referred to as either a cap, ball, mouse or knob to fly through 3D environments or manipulate 3D models within an application.


3dconnexion not working | SOLIDWORKS Forums

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Checking the box “remove all previous settings” worked! How common is it? The setup package generally installs about 1 files and is usually about If none of the above responses work, I had a problem with my 3d mouse a few years ago and found that their phone tech support was very good.

I am using microstation v8i Select Series 2. These devices are often referred to as 3D motion controllers3D navigation devices, 6DOF devices six degrees of freedom or a 3D mouse. We have a system in our group that has a wonky 3D controller.

3Dconnexion 3DxWare 10 (bit) – Should I Remove It?

The primary executable is named ShouldIRemoveIt. I adjusted each of them to run at the administrator level and all is good. No movement of any kind in SW. Device would work any everything except SW. Initially the above answer 3dcinnexion Danny H worked great Download “Should I Remove It?


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I’m at my wits end. I had this issue way back when Hi Dennis, The guide in the blog was written around their previous drivers.


No one has commented yet. I have it automatically starting with SolidWorks.

I noticed that sometimes something turns off 3Dcontrol addin. The 3dware of these devices over a mouse and keyboard is the ability to pan, zoom and rotate 3D imagery simultaneously, without stopping to change directions using keyboard shortcuts or a software interface.

Reinstall latest version 3. When I left work this last Friday it was working just fine. Thank you again for your help.

Versions Version Distribution FreePulse Wireless Headphones Squeezebox. Windows 7 Professional I am using the latest 3dconnexion mouse purchased last week – “SpaceMouse Enterprise”. Annoying because I like the wireless ability, but at least I have the functionality back.