Do you have the hot keys utility installed? In device manager, there is no option to select a region which I’ve seen a few times. However due to channel 13 being disallowed in the USA while being allowed in the rest of the world the laptop can’t see the WiFi. I checked the registries to see if I can find any entries from Connectify that may be causing the problem, but Nada! Please help me out! Re-installed the device driver and the problem is gone!

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IntelĀ® Wireless Solutions

Went to power manager and unchecked “turn wireless radio OFF when not in use”. The same 4695wgn adapter my laptop has. After changing all the router settings and wireless card settings, it either connects at G or nothing. Linksys WRTN, dual band.

Report Inappropriate Content tags: Without details as to his computer model and specific network card, I cannot even tell you if it exists. Casowen Nov 6, at 4: Be sure to enable both the 2. In reality, there should only BE 4 channels in the 2.


Low speeds with Intel 4695agn wireless card

If you use a partially-overlapping channel – like 13 – the traffic on channel 11 is just pure noise 46995agn you. Then every 20 minutes or so it would drop me from the network.

Ok, now I’m completely frustrated. But, the moment I shut the computer down, wireless radio switched back OFF 4695aggn even though my wireless router was still ON. The only difference, aside from brand, and some minor technical variations, is that the Sony is running Vista, and mine is running XP pro SP2. Is there a way, e.

A friend of mine recently moved from the States. The laptop intel 4695abn only connects at G. Do you already have an account? A program to control the fan speeds properly?

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I have done online chats with Dell and Linksys several hours with eachand nobody can tell me what the problem is. What’s the secret to getting fast NVMe speeds? In reality, Wi-Fi exploded and it just caused Wi-Fi users thinking a different channel is better like you to trash the band.

I simply do not get it. PS, I hope my post was at least entertaining And then, I just uninstalled Connectify because I didn’t see a point in creating a hotspot, when I have a Wireless Router at home. If you go into device manager and double click your wireless adapter, then driver, it will show you who provided the driver. Don’t feel too bad, we’ve all been there at one time or another.


See our Sustainability Report. The second had a different problem so I just gave up. Thus channel 13 is clearly the best choise. Unfortunately, I had to do that every time I rebooted my PC these past 2 days. Ours is on channel 13 since Channels 1, 6 and 11 the only other separate channels available are overcrowded. Message 6 of 7. I still uninstalled it and downloaded the most recent one. Register Sign In Help.