Photos even look good on standard A4 paper, so feed the Samsung some quality stock and the results speak for themselves. A typical low end laser printer can run through at least 2, pages of text, and often many more without needing new toner cartridge. Environmentally speaking, power consumption sits at a hefty watts whilst printing, and just 45 watts when idle. Print out a large colour image, and the results are equally heartening. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. In the above photo, the multi-purpose tray is open, further lengthening the foot print of the CLPN, and underscoring our point that is a machine which should have a table unto itself. Weighing in at over 70lbs and sporting a dull corporate livery, the hernia-inducing Samsung is no style icon, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for performance.

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Top 5 Heatsinks Tested. Additionally, access to the printer paper tray necessitates the Clp 550n be resting on a nice flat surface, as the tray is essentially flush with the base. The Samsung is a tad noisier than we expected, clp 550n this won’t be a problem unless you work in a Trappist monastery.

In Case You Missed it Users Manual, Syncthru clp 550n, drivers and networking software, power plug, 1 black, 1 magenta, 1 cyan, and 1 yellow toner starter cartridge, imaging drum, and transfer belt cartridge.

Against Bulky and heavy Wi-Fi adaptor costs extra Not primarily designed for photos. Colour rendition and edge definition clp 550n good, with graininess and banding kept to an acceptable level. The top side the light grey lump just adjacent to the paper output gets fairly hot during operation, and it is clp 550n recommended that it be used for stacking paper, or anything else for that matter. If you are looking for a handy all-rounder that can turn its hand to a range of publishing jobs, the Samsung is an excellent choice.


Samsung CLPN A4 Colour Laser Printer

The front of the unit houses the sheet paper tray at bottomand waste toner bay which is accessed by pushing in the side panel to release it. Rotating around 90 degrees to the right, is the Clp 550n tray, clp 550n folds up into the body of the CLPN when not being used. The small top cover release button allows the entire top section of the Clp 550n to swing up for installation of the transfer belt cartridge and imaging unit.

The design of the unit clp 550n been geared towards a dedicated print station, as the CLPN is realistically too large to keep on top of a desk, and too thermally active to be advisably kept under a desk.

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Inkjet printers, especially the low end ones, run through ink very quickly and are very expensive to reload, when they get gunked up with dried ink clp 550n are practically useless. Another big selling point is connectivity. The flat top section to the right gets quite hot in use, but this is normal, and should not be cause for alarm. In operation, cooling fans are generally quiet, and 550n the low clunk and bump of the individual clp 550n toner cartridges moving around can be heard.

Just remember to switch from the default printing mode of dpi to clp 550n highest quality settings for the best 55n0. Transparencies cl; also be used with the CLPN for creative colour, or black and white printing. clp 550n

Behind the small hatch is the user-accessible area for upgrading printer memory, or adding the optional Also visible is the user control panel and LCD display screen. In the last few years, black and clp 550n laser printer prices clp 550n dropped to the point where they are easily affordable for home users and small businesses.


If you know anything about printers, clp 550n know that the laser printer is an essential tool for business. The Samsung CLPN is a boxy looking printer, as are most colour laser printers given the number of toner cartridges they must contain.

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55n0 The top of the Samsung CLPN is where the prints come out, and held in the output tray clp 550n collected. This dpi, 21 page-per-minute black and white5 page-per-minute colour laser printer comes clp 550n several nice features, not to mention the option of wireless networking and expandable onboard memory.

And because it’s a colour laser, you 5550n need to worry about draining the ink cartridges every time you print a large photo: Intended as the printing hub of a small office, or to provide colour documents over the network to a larger one, the Clp 550n CLPN represents the middle-end of colour laser 550n on a whole. Samsung’s CLPN runs at a default resolution of dpi, but clp 550n printing colour images it is advisable to select dpi for the best results.

The wireless networking antenna would also be visible here if that option was installed. Clp 550n speaking, power consumption sits at a hefty watts whilst printing, cpl just 45 watts when idle. Clp 550n data cables are also connected here. Photos even look good on standard A4 paper, so feed the Samsung some quality stock and the results speak for themselves.

Automatic duplex printing works with the sheet tray of 8.