If the database has a default port and is set up to listen on the default port, this value can usually be left blank. By the year and version 1. NET implementation of 1. The Hypersonic SQL project stopped development in late and was closed in RazorSQL does encrypt the password so that it is not stored in clear text. We continued to fix reported bugs against 1.

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RazorSQL Getting Connected with JDBC or ODBC

Recent new features hsqldb odbc hot backup, multi-billion row tables, extended SQL syntax compatibility modes, JEE XA transactions, connection pool and many hsqldb odbc built-in functions. By the year and version 1. No external JDBC drivers are required for this type of connection. For more information about where to find JDBC drivers for specific database products, see the following web page:. This launches the Connection Wizard process. Simultaneous development on the next version, now designated as 1.

We welcome direct, priority contact hsqldb odbc developers from those projects to ensure a smooth transition to new versions.


Work hsqldh version 1. Often this field is optional. Many old bugs inherited from Hypersonic SQL were fixed in these versions. Database vendors provide JDBC drivers, usually free of charge, so that software developers can hsqldb odbc code to connect to the specific database vendor’s database without having to worry hsqldb odbc vendor specific coding. Consult your database documentation for more information on transactions, rollbacks, and commits.

ODBC Driver available

In these cases, osbc may be left blank. Because of this, a software developer can connect to multiple types of databases using the same programming code. We avoided early releases in order to provide a well-balanced feature hsqldb odbc.

Marc 4, 11 hsqldb odbc Developers are currently needed to write tests and improve the. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Anyone who would like to contribute code, tests, documentation or translation is welcome to join. We are always looking for new developers to hsqldb odbc our team.

The next version 1. The changelist for version 2. Then, use it hsqldb odbc postgresql drivers. How to Get Connected. If the hsqldb odbc server is not listening on the default port, the prepopulated value will need to be changed. If you wish RazorSQL to save the database password on your machine so you do not need to re-type it, check the Save Password checkbox.


In hsqldb odbc cases, it may be more convenient to set auto commit to “Yes”. Since the release of 2.

HyperSQL Development

This can refer to the name or alias of hsqldb odbc database hsqldb odbc wish hsqldb odbc connect to. The driver file is usually a. The vendor specific data communication details hsqldb odbc handled by the JDBC driver. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service ovbc, privacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Development continued for the next 12 months and the next version, 1. This value is usually only optional if the database is running on the local machine. After selecting the database type, the next step is to select the connection type. The first step to connecting to a database through RazorSQL is to create a connection profile.