Clie Album allows for browsing of photos on memory stick and the creation of folders albums to sort them Clie Files — allows for managing files much like Windows Explorer. Like its two more expensive siblings, the TG50 has an eye-catching design that will attract some attention. Clie Memo Memo is a nice option for jotting a quick post it, type of note. For those accustomed to an older Palm interface, however, it will take a little while to get comfortable with Sony’s busier front end. Unfortunately, the TG50 doesn’t yet support the higher-capacity Memory Stick Pro media, but Sony says an upcoming software patch will fix the problem.

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The Bad Tg500 hefty; limited onboard memory; Memory Stick a must for certain multimedia features. Trending Price New. We would have liked the inclusion of a space-saving dongle for syncing on the road, but at least the cradle is rather light and has a low-profile design.

Review Sony Clie PEG-TG50

This one adds like the ux40 a built in keyboard which is a necessity for people who want to prg able to input large amounts of peb fairly quickly and accurately unlike the decuma software. Along the bottom is the standard Sony T-connector that will let you add peripherals like a game pad and also serves as the cradle connection. Didn’t regret purchasing it at all.

The record launcher, jog dial and back buttons are all surrounded by a sleek and shiny silver casing.


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A potential sticking point may be the screen. How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps.

See details for additional description. If this PDA tore up tomorrow I would buy another one just like it.

Sony PEG-TG50

The one you’ve been waiting for. The surfing experience is a little pge than that of a peb connection, but most users will be more interested in exploiting the device’s wireless e-mail capabilities.

Better yet, it’s backlit. Reversi The only full game the TG50 comes with is Reversi. Sony recently addressed this problem by releasing a wireless configuration tool than runs on the desktop and Clie which is a must download. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

This option in the TG50 allows you to select graffiti input, via dimpled button on the right, when the cursor is in a text area. The battery can tg05 easily replaced, although it is not meant to be done by end users and may void the warranty. Great sound, but it’s trapped tg05 Apple’s world. Some of the most interesting features of the TG50 reside right below the x pixel screen, more on that later.

Pretty cool, but nothing compared to the second feature, which allows setting the camera to take a photo every time movement is detected. I would li ke to see more onboard memory but with the memory stick slot you just can’t pev wrong. Just below the screen are the usual quick-launch buttons, along with a scroll button in the middle and shortcut buttons to take you to the Home screen or bring up Graffiti, if that’s your preferred method of text input.


What with everything ending up on increasingly feature rich pe equally richly priced cell phones. The stylus is quite standard, but as noted before my unit has a strong desire to fall out often.

After consulting the manual and enduring a little trial and error, we managed to get the Bluetooth working. The unit packs in great features but it has also polarized the audience with the keyboard.

Palm OS 5 ver 5.

Review Sony Clie PEG-TG50

Typically, CLIE handhelds or personal entertainment ;eg, as Sony calls them come with good software bundles, and this model is no exception.

To the left is the home button, that when held for a second also opens the menu selector or drop down control. The Clie version looks much nicer though and has a few other nice nuggets like a display showing the connection status. There is some very noticeable shadowing though, which hard core Clie owners will find frustrating at first. First of all, you can connect to a camera to control prg still photos.

Transfer your data to-and-fro with the support for Bluetooth connectivity of this handheld PDA. The TG50 also includes Flash player, which gg50 nice, but quite underutilized as in the past.