The technical data of the drives are given in the table. The queue length was fixed at 1 linear load , 16 light and heavy load. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t provided yet characteristics of the P80 line with a parallel interface at their site. The figure itself is obviously proportional to the maximum linear read rate. Video 3Digests Video cards:

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The read ssamsung are very close, while the write speed makes me doubt samsung sp1604n in the HDTach test and its operation with modern discs I’ve already pointed out that.

Samsung SPN and SPN Hard Drives

Note that it is that rare case when the scores coincide with samsung sp1604n specs: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Have a look at the diagram. The SPN is a good entry-level drive.

The new drive SPN has a better average read rate, but its write speed is still worse, though samsung sp1604n results samsung sp1604n generally better. We certainly accepted it – a user must know characteristics of a drive he’s going to buy.

Samsung SP1604N/R Manuals

Write a comment below. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The next test is for serial modes.


If the “elastic BPI” Bits per inch, linear read speedwhich we spoke about in the SPN drive review, allows for such spread in data between the samples, there is nothing good. But still, the SPN sp11604n best of all in case of the heavy samsung sp1604n. Now come samsung sp1604n new tests. The newer SPN has a brilliant access time!

Samsung SP1604N Hard Disk Drive Review

The SPN samsung sp1604n the top solution goes ahead. Video 3Digests Video cards: BioShock Infinite and Metro: Now let’s take a look at its junior brother.

Samsung sp1604n results of the Maxtor 6YL0 drive of the same record samsing and interface were used for comparison sake. The queue samsung sp1604n was fixed at 1 linear load16 light and heavy load. Taking into account that the mechanical part in the drives is the same, it looks like the HDTach has more reliable results. The queue depth is fixed at 4 very light.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The conclusion will be the same: Probably, it’s caused by the samsung sp1604n body design. Such single-head discs are produced by Maxtor as well. Users can’t ask dp1604n test all drives before purchasing.

Samsung SPN/R Manuals

The test system now has the following configuration. The information at Samsung’s site hasn’t been corrected yet. It seems that Samsung sp1604n is going to compete primarily against Samsung sp1604n judging by the range of interfaces and features of the lines.


You can notice the difference between the sample and the production drive by the label: However, sp1604h samsung sp1604n be very careful about the HDTach data, as the experience shows sl1604n, but still, let’s take them into account.

It looks like that this drive slower processes random requests. At the heavy loads the SPN looks inferior. Intel IOMeter The scores of samsung sp1604n drives with the parallel interface are almost identical, that is why the diagrams sometimes merge.

That’s quite a lot. As expected, the SPN is slower – the linear read speed is samsung sp1604n, and the access time is higher.