As they play along with the Song, the keyboard does not wait when something is played incorrectly. Forget about portable keyboards that come with small displays. It’s convenient, fast and easy. If the user has trouble finding another note, the keyboard will pause the Song again. If you move up the keyboard, the pitch goes up. Was this answer helpful? Play the keyboard any notes you like.

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No matter what you play, as long as Performance Assistant is “on”, you’re “on”.

Yamaha PSRK1 Review

This makes it easier to concentrate on playing the melody with the right hand. Web Store Phone Number: These new Songs can also use the YES system. But now, for a fraction of the cost you are able to enjoy such benefits.

To add songs to the keyboard, simply connect it to your PC via the convenient USB jack on the back, and head out on the Internet example: Click here to Contact Us Contact Us. It has 3 main features: Large Bitmap Display for Score and Lyrics: The huge backlit LCD screen with contrast control makes it easy for the whole family to get ymaha on the sing-a-long.

PSR-K1 – FAQs – Yamaha United States

The music psr-o1 advances as the song plays. There are currently no reviews for this product, be the first to write one! Thank you for your feedback!


If you move down, the pitch goes down. Pick up the Microphone and start singing The PSR-K1 comes with its own microphone so that you can sing along with the songs in the keyboard.

YES Version 2 also ‘talks’ in English; it can grade the user’s performance, by saying either, ‘Try again!

Simply connect the psrr-k1 cable to your computer, open your favorite music software program and hit PLAY. For example, the chords for the song, ‘Heart and Soul’ are in the key of F are: You can even copy songs from your computer onto the SmartMedia card. Back to the list Go to Product Information.

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In addition, the display tells you the chords you are playing, the Voice, Style or Song you have selected, the Tempo and the Transposition. Select a song and press the Performance Assistant button. But it doesn’t stop yammaha With the K1, you can play it your way! With as many as voices, 10 drum kits, 2 sound effects kits, a 2-way stereo speaker system with bass ports, a 6-track built-in sequencer, a sustain pedal jack, transpose, tuning, auto harmony and a CD-ROM containing USB drivers and SongFiler software, you’re good to go!

Check out the price of the yamaha PSRK1 here.

Is it important for you to be able to connect your keyboard to a computer? And to get the most out of these great voices, there is a Stereo 2-way speaker system yanaha bass ports.


As they play along with the Song, the keyboard does not wait when something is played incorrectly. Are you ready to start singing away? Using ‘Smart Chord’, the user can play with just one finger F – D – G – C and the keyboard will automatically play full chords, and make both the D and G minor chords.

It is identical to YES Version 2, with a couple of new features; ‘Guide Lights’, and the ability of the keyboard to ‘sing’ the notes: Proudly Canadian since It’s convenient, fast and easy.

Recently, Yamaha, Hal Leonard and Sibelius got together to create digital interactive sheet music. These features include the PC Button, which takes a snapshot of your MIDI settings so that you can instantly return to them with just the press of a single button, and a USB port for transferring song data from your computer.

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